1. What is this service/procedure? Can you give me a simple ONE sentence description?

A diagnostic test used for glaucoma assessment.

2. Who is this service/procedure for, who needs it, who will benefit from it?

Patients who might have glaucoma.

3. What is the purpose of this service/procedure?

It is one of several tests used in the diagnosis of glaucoma and aids the development of a treatment plan.

4. What should the patient expect to happen during this service/procedure? What is the experience going to be like?

A scan with a special camera might be used, OR you will receive eyedrops to anesthetize (numb) the eye, and a probe will be used on the surface of the eye. The procedure is painless and takes less than 2 minutes.

5. How long does this procedure usually take?

This procedure typically takes less than 2 minutes.

6. Is this service/procedure conducted with local or general anesthesia?

No anesthesia is used for this procedure.

7. What should you (the patient) do BEFORE this service/procedure?

No special preparation is needed before this diagnostic test.

8. What should you (the patient) do AFTER this service/procedure?

No special actions need to be taken after this diagnostic test.

9. Is there anything else the patient needs to do in preparation for this service/procedure?

No special preparation is needed before this diagnostic test.

10. Who will carry out this service/procedure?

This procedure is usually done by an ophthalmic assistant or an ophthalmic technician.

Locations Offering this Service

TEH San Fernandoarrow_forward
Acropolis Medical Centre #99B Circular Road, San Fernando.
TEH St. Augustinearrow_forward
TIMT Building Corner Warren Street and Private Road, St. Augustine.
TEH Maravalarrow_forward
102-103 Royal Palm Suite Hotel Saddle Road, Maraval.
TEH Freeportarrow_forward
153 Mission Road, Freeport.