Services Comprehensive Eye (Ocular) Examinations

Comprehensive Eye (Ocular) Examinations

1. What is this service/procedure? Can you give me a simple ONE sentence description?

A set of tests used to evaluate the health of your eye.

2. Who is this service/procedure for, who needs it, who will benefit from it?

All patients

3. What is the purpose of this service/procedure?

Finds out if the patient has any eye problems. E.g., picks up glaucoma early; picks up bleeding in the eye early. Early detection could save your sight.

4. What should the patient expect to happen during this service/procedure? What is the experience going to be like?

If you wear glasses, an optometrist will assess your vision, review your prescription and check your glasses. You will be interviewed and will need to answer questions about your eyes and eyesight. Your vision will be checked using simple tests which may include a painless scan of the eye and pictures. For photos, your eyes will usually be dilated. You will then see the eye doctor for a consultation during which he/she will routinely look for cataracts, glaucoma and bleeding in the eyes (evidence of diabetic retinopathy).

5. How long does this procedure usually take?

This procedure typically takes 30-45 minutes.

6. Is this service/procedure conducted with local or general anesthesia?

No anesthesia is used for this procedure.

7. What should you (the patient) do BEFORE this service/procedure?

No special preparation is needed before this examination.

8. What should you (the patient) do AFTER this service/procedure?

After your eyes are dilated, we recommend that you do not use your eyes to work or drive for 4-6 hours. It is best practice to wear shades in bright light for the next 4-6 hours.

9. Is there anything else the patient needs to do in preparation for this service/procedure?

No special preparation is needed before this examination.

10. Who will carry out this service/procedure?

Many professionals will be involved. These will usually include a doctor, an optometrist, an ophthalmic technician and ophthalmic assistants.

Locations Offering this Service

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Acropolis Medical Centre #99B Circular Road, San Fernando.
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TIMT Building Corner Warren Street and Private Road, St. Augustine.
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102-103 Royal Palm Suite Hotel Saddle Road, Maraval.
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