TeamMs. Celia (Gail) Jaikissoon

Ms. Celia (Gail) Jaikissoon

General Manager
Celia (Gail) Jaikissoon is a member of the Trinidad Eye Hospital team. She was born in Trinidad and did her BSc. degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, and Diploma in Education at UWI, St. Augustine, Trinidad. After several years of teaching Mathematics and Computer Science in the public school system and a few private institutions in Trinidad and Tobago, Gail migrated to Canada to pursue her Information Technology (IT) career. She attained her certification as an IT Network Engineer and pursued further professional development in several computer languages; worked her way into IT Customer Service Management at Kraft Canada Inc. and furthered her education in IT Management with several certifications in ITIL (Information Technology Information Library). After ten years with Kraft, Gail moved to the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) where she managed the internal IT Call Centre and Desktop Support services teams. Several small business acquisitions by the TSX facilitated her development in managing major staff changes in dynamic work environments. Her next career move took her to the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Capital Markets as an Associate Director in IT. This new role allowed her to work with many peer teams and manage several IT support teams. In this position, her responsibilities included budget management, project management, incident and problem management, change and asset management, and staff management including the management of offshore teams. With these experiences, Gail developed both personally and professionally. Her experience, knowledge, skills in the areas of customer service, staff development and mentoring made her a highly sought-after expert by several organizations during her IT Support Services management career.