TeamMs. Pravita Shankar

Ms. Pravita Shankar

Workplace and Foreign Patient Care Manager
With more than 10 years of experience in providing eyecare services, Pravita Shankar is a founding member of the Trinidad Eye Hospital. When asked what she most enjoys about her job, she confessed that: “she most enjoys interacting with patients, listening with a loving ear when a patient needs someone to pour their heart out to, and providing a caring hand they can hold when they need comfort and support.” In the pioneering days, she was an early-bird, who got to work before 5 am to ensure that the clinics were set up and the team was prepped and ready to go. Today, she holds the title of Workplace and Surgical Services Manager. In this role, she communicates with all patients needing surgery, books their appointments, answers questions, and communicates with them regarding what to expect on surgery day. Beyond her responsibilities to patients, doctors, nurses and other staff before, during, and after surgery, Pravita ensures that all employees have the materials and equipment they need to do their jobs competently and confidently. Pravita is fun-loving lady with a great sense of humor. She enjoys spending time with friends and family, singing, dancing, and meeting people.  Demonstrating her big heart, Pravita always makes time to listen to the patients. She joined the TEH to help the less fortunate by providing services that would transform each patient’s life in positive ways, and that each person will remember for a lifetime. She says: “Nothing brings me more joy than when I remove a patient’s eye patch after surgery and they look at me and say 'I seeing You' and laugh out loud.” Pravita supports and equips compassionate TEH employees to go the extra mile every day as we deliver the very best eye care services possible.