TeamMs. Savita Persad

Ms. Savita Persad

Assistant Secretary
Mr. Savita Persad is a teacher at Saraswati Girls’ Hindu College. She earned her bachelor’s degree (BSc in Management Studies with Minors in Economics and Human Resource Management), and MBA from The University of the West Indies St. Augustine. Her hobbies include watching cricket, going to the movies, and cooking. Sincerely committed to creating a brighter future for the next generation of citizens, she enjoys educating the young minds of the country. Having experienced the system public hospitals in Trinidad and Tobago use for patients in need of eye surgery, Ms. Persad observes that it is a long, tedious process in which patients may even lose their vision during the period they are forced to wait for an appointment. She also observes that patients having surgery privately often complain of the high costs. Ms. Persad comments: “The TEH aims to change this and I am passionately committed to be part of this change.”She sees membership in the TEH Board of Directors as an opportunity to contribute to alleviating the current condition in her home country. Ms. Persad is committed to helping the TEH become the largest not-for-profit hospital that provides affordable and free, high quality eye surgeries in this part of the globe. She believes that the TEH should provide training opportunities for young doctors, contribute significantly to the eradication of preventable blindness, and in so doing, brighten the lives of all eye surgery patients! Still single, Ms. Persad says that she is best known for teaching and cooking. But, those who know her well admire her upbeat attitude, sense of humor, kindness and her caring disposition.