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Mr. Sasha Addo

Mr. Sasha Addo is the Managing Director of L&S Surveying Services Limited, one of the leading Surveying Companies in Trinidad and Tobago. His credentials include: EMBA, BSc, TTLS. When the University of the West Indies celebrated its 50-year anniversary, and honored the Top 50 graduates since the inception of the university, Sasha was one of the elite group of honorees who received the Distinguished Alumni award. This unique recognition makes him a very special person indeed! Mr. Addo sees being a member of the TEH Board of Directors as an opportunity to give back and make our part of the world a better place. He is committed to keeping access to eye care within the reach of all, and ensuring that the TEH leads the way on how a small group of highly dedicated people can change the world in positive ways. Mr. Addo is best known for starting his business at the age of 24 and being seen as a leader in the surveying field before turning 40, earning the respect of employees, clients and competitors along the way! Sasha is an entrepreneur at heart, in addition to his Surveying company he has undertaken various business projects ranging from aqua culture development to property development. Currently he is a director of various companies involved in the security, food and services sectors. When asked about his life perspective and world view, he said: “There is more good in the world than bad, so let’s focus on the good and make the world a happier place.”