TeamMr. Ramesh Bhola

Mr. Ramesh Bhola

Vice Chairman
Mr. Ramesh Bhola is the Managing Director of Bhola’s Motor Works, which he has owned and successfully operated for more than 25 years. Bhola's Motorworks Limited is one of the industry's most reliable body shops in Trinidad And Tobago; noted for their integrity in the industry. He has also been actively involved with the Rotary Club, and served as an executive with the Bridge of Hope Children’s Home in Sangre Chiquito. His hobbies include slot car engineering and slot car building as well as motor racing and motor racing administration. In this latter context, he is regularly found to be commentating during races at the Wallerfield International Raceway. He and his family are also well-known for their positive impact and long-term success with slot car racing, e.g., Scalextric and Motor Racing. Apart from his hobbies, he enjoys investing his time volunteering with Family Life Ministry and Bridge of Hope Children’s Home, learning about leading-edge developments in the autobody repair industry, playing 70’s music, and hosting socials. Because he consistently gets them together, his friends and family often refer to him as the “glue” of their relationships. They say: “without him we would not be so close, and stick together as one unit.” Mr. Bhola sees membership in the TEH Board of Directors as part of his ministry of helping others. He is committed to helping the TEH become a solid contributor to comprehensive eye care in the Caribbean Region. Apart from ensuring that everyone needing eye care receives it, he will continue to guide the TEH to be a “best practice model” for other countries. Mr. Bhola is best known for being active in Christian Men's Leadership. He has been an executive member of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International (F.G.B.M.F.I.) for over 10 years. The members of this Christian Businessmen Fellowship claim to be the happiest people on the planet. He is also actively involved as a core member in Family Life TT which is a Family Life Counseling Organization where he and his wife are Family Life Conference speakers. When asked for advice, he said: “Whatever you decide to do, give your best effort and be the best that you could be! Be willing to face the music, even though at times you may not like the tune.”