TeamDr. Sachin Salvi

Dr. Sachin Salvi

Consultant Ophthalmologist
Dr. Sachin Salvi is a Consultant Ophthalmologist specializing in ocular oncology as well as oculoplastic, lacrimal and orbital surgery. He provides comprehensive care to adult ophthalmic oncology patients at the National Sheffield Ocular Oncology Service. His ophthalmic interests include thyroid eye disease, orbital surgery, optic nerve sheath fenestration surgery, and aesthetic surgery. He has trained extensively in India, UK and USA with Fellowship training at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield; Moorfields Eye Hospital, London and Cole Eye Institute, Cleveland Clinic, USA. With a strong interest in education, he is the training director of the Fellowship Programme in ocular oncology and adnexal surgery at Sheffield, UK. He organizes the successful Sheffield Final FRCOphth preparatory course, and he is the Ophthalmology teaching faculty lead to the School of Orthoptics at the University of Sheffield. Having a large research portfolio, he is regularly invited to speak as expert faculty to various national and international meetings and has various award-winning presentations to his name. He has played a key role in formulating the UK National Ocular Melanoma Guidelines and has a number of publications and book chapters to his credit. He is regularly involved in voluntary Ophthalmic work in India and in Trinidad and Tobago. For his sterling contributions to the Trinidad Eye Hospital, he was awarded the TEH’s Visiting Professor of Ophthalmology Certificate in 2017. He continues to contribute to the Trinidad Eye Hospital in the clinical, teaching and academic research areas.