TeamDr. Zahrid Mohammed

Dr. Zahrid Mohammed

Medical Doctor
Dr. Zahrid Mohammed is a young medical doctor who possesses a strong background in medical research and publication. He graduated from the University of the West Indies with a passion for continuous learning and development. Some of his publications include evaluation of energy drink usage patterns and adverse effects, a comparative study on wound healing, and the use of previously overlooked markers as deciding elements of diagnosis and thus detection of cardiovascular outcomes. Some of his publications appear in the Journal of Epidemiology and Global Health and International Journal of Medical Sciences and Biotechnology. Having recently completed his medical internship at San Fernando General Hospital, attaining glowing reviews from his seniors and his peers alike. Dr. Mohammed has joined the TEH to undertake an unrelenting approach to the study and practice of Ophthalmology, as an aspiring Ophthalmologist. He pursues his dream while serving patients every day with an apt sense of professionalism and a high level of empathy. His proficiency as a medical practitioner is coupled with a passion for patient care and well-being, as well as a drive for education. This is evidenced by his extensive research into Retinopathy of Prematurity with some of his findings being presented by Dr. Bhola amongst the ophthalmological fraternity at the Ophthalmic Society of the West Indies Meeting held in 2017. Dr. Mohammed is diligently pursuing the mission of the Trinidad Eye Hospital working alongside Dr. Bhola and our team of medical practitioners to deliver high-quality service to all patients. TEH is honoured to have Dr. Mohammed on board and is excited to have him be an active contributor and future leader on the eyecare transformation journey in our country and region.